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High Resistance Voltmeter           

The full-scale deflection of the universal high-input-resistance voltmeter circuit shown in the figure depends on the function switch position as follows:
(a) 5V dc on position 1
(b) 5V ac rms in position 2
(c) 5V peak ac in position 3
(d) 5V ac peak-to-peak in position 4
The circuit is basically a voltage-to-current converter. The design procedure is as follows:
Calculate RI according to the application from one of the following equations:
(a) dc voltmeter: RIA = full-scale EDC/IFS
(b) rms ac voltmeter (sine wave only): RIB = 0.9 full-scale ERMS/ IFS
(c) Peak reading voltmeter (sine wave only): RIC = 0.636 full-scale EPK/IFS
(d) Peak-to-peak ac voltmeter (sine wave only): RID = 0.318 full-scale EPK-TO-PK / IFS
The term IFS in the above equations refers to meter’s full-scale deflection current rating in amperes.
It must be noted that neither meter resistance nor diode voltage drops affects meter current.
A high-input-resistance op-amp, a bridge rectifier, a microammeter, and a few other discrete components are all that are required to realise this versatile circuit. This circuit can be used for measurement of dc, ac rms, ac peak, or ac peak-to-peak voltage by simply changing the value of the resistor connected between the inverting input terminal of the op-amp and ground. The voltage to be measured is connected to non-inverting input of the op-amp.

                        TABLE I
        Position 1 of Function Switch
input    Meter Current
               5.00V            44 µA
               4.00V            34 µA
               3.00V            24 µA
               2.00V            14 µA
               1.00V             4 µA

                      TABLE II
          Position 2 of Function Switch
Erms input    Meter Current
                     5V                 46 µA
                     4V                 36 µA
                     3V                 26 µA
                     2V                 18 µA
                     1V                 10 µA

                       TABLE III
       Position 3 of Function Switch
EPk input      Meter Current
           5V peak             46 µA
           4V peak             36 µA
           3V peak             26 µA
           2V peak             16 µA
           1V peak             6 µA

                     TABLE IV
         Position 4 of Function Switch
EPk-To-Pk              Meter Current
      5V peak to peak         46 µA
      4V peak to peak         36 µA
      3V peak to peak         26 µA
      2V peak to peak         16 µA
      1V peak to peak         7 µA


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اکولایزر صوتی پنج کانال

5 band graphic equalizer using a single IC/chip


This circuit uses a single chip, IC BA3812L for realizing a 5 band graphic equalizer for use in hi-fi audio systems.The BA3812L is a five-point graphic equalizer that has all the required functions integrated onto one IC. The IC is comprised of the five tone control circuits and input and output buffer amplifiers. The BA3812L features low distortion, low noise, and wide dynamic range, and is an ideal choice for Hi-Fi stereo applica-tions. It also has a wide operating voltage range (3.5V to 16V), which means that it can be adapted for use with most types of stereo equipment.

The five center frequencies are independently set using external capacitors, and as the output stage buffer amplifier and tone control section are independent circuits, fine control over a part of the frequency bandwidth is possible, By using two BA3812Ls, it is possible to construct a 10-point graphic equalizer. The amount of boost and cut can be set by external components.


The recommended power supply is 8V, but the circuit should work for a supply of 9V also. The maximum voltage limit is 16V.


The circuit given in the diagram operates around the five frequency bands:

  • 100Hz
  • 300Hz
  • 1kHz
  • 3kHz
  • 10kHz
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battery charger
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